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Need to Consult with our 

temperature control experts?

Contact for

assistance with:


- System Setup and Installation

- Experimental Procedure Design

- Software Operation

- Troubleshooting

- Scheduling a Zoom Support Meeting

- More...


Looking for User Manuals,

Application notes or example code

for writing your own software?



for assistance.


Sample code offered for:





Do you need to have your Instec

temperature control  system

 repaired or re-calibrated?

Worried about down time due to equipment failure?

We offer:

- Standard One year or Extended

Warranty options

- Complete Repair and Diagnostics services

- Equipment Calibration and PID tuning

Online support   available 8:00am to   5:00pm MST,

 Monday-Friday   (excluding major US   holidays)

Appointments   available upon request

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