INSTEC is a scientific instrument (INS) technology (TEC) company focused on precision thermal control. We build a vast array of microscopy, spectroscopy, and electrical probing tools designed for research in materials science, liquid crystals, electronics, and biology.

INSTEC was founded in 1984 by a group of pioneering liquid crystal physics researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder. From humble beginnings in a garage where we built the HS1 hot stage prototype, INSTEC’s goal was to create highly adaptable heating and cooling stages to meet rigorous research demands.

As our superior designs for niche academic research evolved into competitive solutions for industry and emerging technology, INSTEC moved from the garage to a dedicated design and manufacturing facility to better meet the demands of its global customer base of scientists and engineers in many research fields.

INSTEC specializes in building cost-effective and innovative custom solutions for nearly any thermal control application. Each inquiry from customers presents us with a unique opportunity to build on what we’ve done before and innovate a unique solution to a real technical problem.

Many of INSTEC’s popular custom products evolved over the years into standard products. 

Going forward, INSTEC remains committed to meeting all our customer challenges with the best instruments on the market. After all, our progress depends on your experimental success.

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