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LC Cells

1. What is the best way to fill an Instec LC Cell?

There are two opening on Instec cells. Heat the cell above the isotropic temperature of your LC material. Then drop a very small amount of LC material on one opening of the Instec empty cell. The capillary force will draw LC material into the empty cell. It may take a few minutes before the cell is fully filled. You can see the filling process at "right" angle under light. Once the cell is filled allow it to cool down slowly in order to get good alignment, especially near the phase transition temperature.

2. What is the parallel and anti-parallel rubbing of the Instec LC Cells?

Below is a picture showing the affect of parallel and anti-parallel rubbing on the alignment of the LC in our SA and LC type cells. 



The homeotropic (SB100xxx) cells use a different polyimide alignment layer to produce what is also known as vertically aligned cells where the long axis of the liquid crystal molecules are nearly perpendicular to the glass substrate. These cells are also rubbed anti-parallel to provide a slight tilt from perpendicular to help with cell switching (when a voltage is applied).


As far as liquid crystal alignment goes the IPS cells are similar to the anti-parallel LC2 cells. The difference here is the patterning of the ITO conductor. A sketch of this patterning is shown on the LC Cell brochure.


Instead of being on the two glass surfaces a set of interdigitated electrodes are formed on one surface. Then when a voltage is applied between these electrodes the electric field is generally parallel to the glass surface. The difference between the two types of IPS cells (IPSxxxxxxxVE and IPSxxxxxxxPE) is the relation of the rub to the direction of this electric field when it is applied. If the polyimide alignment layer is rubbed parallel to the electric field we use the P, i.e. IPSxxxxxxxPE. If the rub is perpendicular we use the V, i.e. IPSxxxxxxxVE.

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