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Hot And Cold Stage/Chuck/Plate

1. Can I use the hot and cold stage with the windows removed from the cover?

It is always recommended that you use Instec hot and cold stages with the windows in place. If you require a shorter microscope working distance you can remove the windows and operate the stage at your own risk. Removing the window will sacrifice temperature uniformity and could damage your objective if it  is too close to the hot stage while the stage is operating at high temperature.


2. Is the temperature achieved the temperature of the sample?


The temperature achieved is always temperature at the stage, chuck, or plate surface. Instec doesn't guaranty the temperature of a sample as that will depend on the thermal conductivity, the sample thickness and how well it is coupled to our device. An optional second sensor for sample temperature monitoring is an available feature on the mK1000 temperature controller.


3. Should I purchase a cooling accessory?

With the exception of our Peltier-based systems, all Instec products require a cooling accessory for operation below ambient. Additionally, a cooling accessory allows the user to cool samples at a fast controlled rate.  


4. How will an Instec product integrate with my microscope?

Instec can provide an adaptor to mount our stages onto almost any microscope translational or rotational stage. Contact an Instec representative to find out whether we have a standard adaptor for your microscope stage. If no standard item is available, we will design a custom adaptor; simply provide us with a CAD or machine drawing of your stage. 


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