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 Instec’s ALCT-IR1 was developed for industry professionals as a highly compact system for the measurement of ions and VHR on real TFT-LCD panels including IPS and FF-IPS panels. The ALCT-IR1 expands on the measurement capabilities of Instec’s ALCT-IV1 for test cells, with the addition of programmable gate and switch outputs for real panel testing. 
The ALCT-IR1 has two available methods for measuring ions in a TFT-LCD. The first method is similar to that used by the ALCT-IV1. A slow triangle wave is applied between com and data lines of the TFT-LCD, while DC voltages are applied to the gate and/or switch. The transient current is then measured, and the ion impurity charge is calculated from the measured ion current bump. Instec’s newly developed method, IonSpec (patent pending) uses a low-voltage periodic wave as the applied signal. In the IonSpec method ion charges are calculated automatically, and so there is no need to manually define the integration area. The IonSpec method is especially useful for IPS and FFS-IPS panels, where the ion current bumps are not easily separated from LC switching current bumps, due to non-uniform electrical fields. 
The ALCT-IR1 can be configured to include optional panel testing fixtures with or without temperature control, and multiple measurement channels for measuring up to 8 panels simultaneously.
  • Measures ions and VHR for both test LC cells and full size TFT LCDs
  • Programmable gate voltages
  • Highly compact system easily moves between testing stations
  • Fast testing time (a few seconds to a few minutes)
  • Good for IPS and FFS-IPS panels
  • Up to 8 channels for real panel testing
Technical Specifications
Ion Measurement
Output Wave Triangle (1x) or Triangle Wave,  ± 10 mV to ± 10 V
Output Update Rate 500 kHz
Output Resolution 16 bit
Input Resolution 16 bit
Current Range 100pA to 10mA
Current Resolution 1pA
Accuracy +/-0.5% on 1 G standard resistor
Frequency 0.001 to 1000 Hz (high frequency may be limited by panel size)
Voltage Holding Ratio Measurement
Voltage (Min) ± 10mV
Voltage (Max) ± 10V
Resolution 100μV
Output Current ± 100mA (Max)
Offset Voltage ± 0.1mV
Input Capacitance (Hold Mode) < 1pF
Leak Current (Hold Mode) < 1pA
VG Offset (Hold Mode) ± 0.1mV
Charge Injection ± 5pC
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