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Old Style Homogeneous Cells
 LC2, LC3 and LC4 cells, Instec’s previous generation of homogeneous cells, are in stock with limited quantities. A list of those currently in stock can be found here
Part No. Rubbing Direction Cell Gap 
LC2-5.0 Anti-Parallel 5.0 μm
LC4-6.8 Anti-Parallel 6.8 μm
LC2-9.0 Anti-Parallel 9.0 μm
LC2-20.0 Anti-Parallel 20.0 μm
LC3-5.0 Parallel 5.0 μm
LC1-6.8 90° (twist) 6.8 μm
Old style homogeneous cells have a 1° to 3° pretilt angle from the plane of the substrate.
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