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IPS Cells
Instec stocks many different configurations of IPS cells. A list of those currently in stock can be found here. Specifications can be determined from the part numbers according to the following metric.
 IPS  w1xw2  A  dddu  Xφφφ
   (1)            (2)          (3)       (4)              (5)      
(1) Cell configuration: The in-plane switching (IPS) ITO pattern is on the bottom substrate, while the top substrate is plain glass without ITO coating. The active area is approximately 100 mm2  
(2) IPS Pattern: w1 μm is the electrode width and w2 μm is the gap between electrodes. 
(3) Glass type: A type cells use Soda-lime glass; T type cells use BK7 glass (TFT quality); and Q type cells use quartz.
(4) Average cell gap: dddu indicates a cell gap of dd.d μm. Instec offers cell gaps ranging from 3.3 μm up to 22 μm.
(5) Rubbing direction: φφφ specifies the rubbing angle between the bottom substrate and the IPS electrodes. For example, X007 means the rubbing direction is 7° from the electrode fingers (mainly for positive NLC); X083 means the rubbing direction is 83° from the electrode fingers (mainly for negative NLC). When Xφφφ is replaced with NOPI, the cells have no alignment layer.
Technical Specifications
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