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HS1500G / HS1400G / HS1500G
Instec’s HS1500 Hot Gas-Tight Stages can heat samples to 1500°C (depending on model) and are ideal for the study of ceramics, metallurgy, geology and high temperature materials. Electrical feedthroughs and custom sample areas are also available. Gas-tight sample chambers help to prevent sample oxidation at high temperatures.
• Programmable precision temperature from ambient to 1500°C (depending on model)
• Optional electric feedthroughs
• Controlled fast heating rate
• Removable and replaceable windows
• Gas-tight sample chamber
• Inner cover for maximum temperature uniformity
• Replaceable sapphire substrate to hold samples
• Vacuum wand for handling sapphire substrates
• Optional X-Y Micropositioner available for HS1300G and HS1400G
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range
HS1300G: Ambient to 1300°C
HS1400G: Ambient to 1400°C
HS1500G: Ambient to 1500°C
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy ±2°C below 600°C, ±3°C at 600~1500°C
Temperature Stability ±1°C below 600°C, ±2°C at 600~1500°C
Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate ±1°C per hour
Maximum Heating Rate +300°C per minute at 37°C
Temperature Control Method Switching PID
Temperature Control Sensor S Type Thermocouple
Minimum Objective Working Distance 6.5 mm (HS1300G, HS1400G), 8 mm (HS1500G)
Minimum Condenser Working Distance 12 mm (HS1300G, HS1400G), 15 mm (HS1500G)
Sample Area 7.5 mm diameter
Chamber Height 1.4 mm with inner cover
Sample Viewing Aperture 2 mm for transmitted light, 38.5 mm for reflected light
Weight 1,420 g, 1,720 g with XY
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