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ALCTE-PP1 Automatic LC Tester (Academic Version)
The ALCTE-PP1 is a low cost version of the ALCT-PP1, available only to academic customers and designed especially for them. This version of the ALCT provides many features in addition to those available to industrial customers, such as a module for the measurement of ferroelectric liquid crystal parameters and optional photodetector support. The ALCTE-PP1 is a USB based instrument which can be connected conveniently to both desktop and laptop computers. The ALCTE-PP1's easy-to-use software allows for the measurement of both positive and negative dielectric nematic liquid crystal materials. The range of material parameters measured by the ALCTE-PP1 includes:
For NLC (Positive Dielectric Anisotropic Material):
· Threshold Voltage
· Splay and Bend Elastic Constants
· ε and ε|| Dielectric Constants
For Negative Dielectric Anisotropic Nematic Material:
· Threshold Voltage
· Splay and Bend Elastic Constants
· ε and ε|| Dielectric Constants
For FLC:
· Spontaneous Polarization
· Electrical Switching Time
· Optical Switching Time
· Rotational Viscosity
· Ion Density and Mobility*
· Dielectric Constant
*The minimum current measurement is 1nA. For current measurement down to 10pA, please refer to the IV1.
The ALCTE-PP1 can also be integrated with Instec's microscope thermal stages and temperature controllers. This enables the user to analyze the temperature dependence of the above parameters.
Technical Specifications
Output Wave
DC to 10KHz, voltage 0 to ±100V 
Output Update Rate
Output Resolution
16 bit
Input Resolution
16 bit
Input Sample Rate
Current Measurement Range
1nA ~ 1mA
Current Sensing Resistance
10K, 100K, 1M, and 10MΩ
Current Resolution
Post Gain in the ALCT Box
1, 10, 100, 1000
Capacitance Measurement
2pF to 100nF
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