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Water Cooling Accessories
CW Series Recirculating Chillers
The CW Series recirculating chillers are a convenient option for continuous sample and frame cooling of Instec stages. Frame cooling makes Instec stages safe to handle while heating and prevents frosting when working at low temperatures. Frame cooling also extends the temperature range of Peltier-based (thermoelectric) stages. Chillers can also provide rapid cooling of the Hot and Cold stage sample area to below 5°C (depending on model).
C300W, C500W and C610W chillers can be used on their own for frame cooling of hot and cold Stages. Coolant flow control systems are available to allow chillers to provide sample cooling for Hot and Cold Stages and frame cooling for Peltier stages (see below).
C300W-R and C500W-R chillers includes a communication port for controlling frame cooling to Peltier based stages.
Coolant Flow Control Systems
Coolant flow control systems can be paired with the C300W, C500W and C610W chillers to provide extended capabilities for those systems.
FVC1 allows any chiller to be used for frame cooling of a Peltier stage.
FVC9 allows any chiller to be used for simultaneous sample and frame cooling of a hot and cold Stage.
· Ideal for Fast Cooling, Quenching or Annealing of Samples
· PID Controlled by Instec Temperature Controller
· Below Ambient Cooling Down to 5°
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