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LN2-SYS Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Systems
Instec’s LN2-SYS liquid nitrogen cooling systems provide fast and accurate cooling for Instec stages, chucks, and plates. Each system consists of a liquid nitrogen pump, a Dewar, and the necessary tubing. Dewar lids have a stoppered port so that LN2 can be refilled without stopping cooling. The pump generates suction, pulling liquid nitrogen from the Dewar and through the hot and cold stage, chuck, or plate. The pump is PID controlled by an Instec temperature controller with 0.1% resolution. This means when the stage, chuck, or plate is heating, the pump is off; when the pump is on, heating is off. The liquid nitrogen cooling systems are available with multiple pump options and either a 2, 10, or 30 liter Dewar.
• Capable of cooling Hot and Cold Stages, Chucks, and Plates Down to –190°C
• System consists of an LN2-P pump, and an LN2-D Dewar
• 3 Pump sizes and 3 Dewar sizes available
• PID control provided when used with an Instec temperature controller
Technical Specifications
Automatic Operation
PID controlled by Instec temperature controller 
LN2-P Dimension
LN2-P: 261 mm x 355 mm x 156 mm
LN2-D Dimension
LN2-D2: 258 mm diameter, 325 mm height
LN2-D10: 322 mm diameter, 610 mm height
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