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AHP202 Hot Plate for AFM
Instec's AHP202 hot plate is specifically designed for use with an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM), or other scanning probe microscopy. The AHP202 is very compact, low noise, and has virtually no mechanical vibration while providing precision temperature control from ambient up to 200°C.
· Designed for Atomic Force Microscopes or Other Probe Microscopes
· Ultra Compact Design
· Programmable Precision Temperature Control from Ambient up to 200°C
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range
Ambient to 200°C
Temperature Resolution
0.01°C with mK1000
Temperature Stability
±0.05°C at 100°C with mK1000 (better stability optional)
Minimum Heating Rate
0.1°C per hour
Maximum Heating Rate
+20°C per minute at 100°C
Temperature Control Method
PID with Linear Variable DC
Temperature Control Sensor
100 Ω Platinum RTD
Sample Area
38 mm x 38 mm
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