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HCP622 Series Vacuum & Gas Tight Hot And Cold Plates
Instec's HCP622 Series Vacuum and Gas Tight Plates are designed for those applications where both thermal and atmospheric control are critical. Using a silver heating and cooling block, these plates provide a wide temperature range with good thermal uniformity. The "G" type plate provides a closed chamber to eliminate oxidation, aid in humidity studies, or conserve expensive reaction gasses. The "V" type plate can also be used with a controlled atmospheric environment but in addition can be evacuated to low pressures to study vacuum processes, freeze drying, and more. Up to 8 optional electric feed-through leads are available for sample connection and probing.
· Programmable Precision Temperature Control from -190°C to 600°C
· Hot and Cold Plate with Vacuum or Closed Sample Chamber
· Optional 2, 4 or 8 Electric Feed-Through Leads for Sample Probing
· Controlled Ultra Fast Heating and Cooling Rate
· Large Viewing Aperture
· Removable and Exchangeable Windows
· Integrated Aperture Window Defrost System
· Gas Purge Sample Chamber
· Inner Lid for Improved Sample Temperature Uniformity
· Vertical and Horizontal Mounting
· Optional Microscope Rotational Stage Mounting Accessories
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range
-190°C to 600°
Below ambient operation requires optional cooling accessory
Temperature Resolution
0.01°C with mK1000
Temperature Stability
±0.05°C at 100°C with mK1000 (better stability optional)
Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate
±0.1°C per hour
Maximum Heating Rate
+180°C per minute at 100°C
Maximum Cooling Rate
-60°C per minute at 100°C (when using LN2-P4)
Temperature Control Method
Switching PID (PID with Linear Variable DC optional)
Temperature Control Sensor
100 Ω Platinum RTD
Minimum Objective Working Distance
5.8 mm
Sample Area
35 mm x 35 mm
Chamber Height
0.76 mm with inner cover
Sample Viewing Aperture
26.5 mm for reflected light
5 mm with inner cover for reflected light
Vacuum Port
1/8 NPT female
Gauge Port
1/8 NPT female
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