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TS62 Microscope Thermal Stage
Instec's TS62 is a Thermo Electric Cooler (Peltier) based thermal stage that can cool down to -30°C without using liquid nitrogen or a circulation chiller. This is very convenient for performing long duration experiments at cold temperatures. It also simplifies the system set up and reduces operating costs. 
· Programmable Precision Temperature Control from -30°C to 120°C
· Peltier-Based Microscope Thermal Stage
· Controlled Fast Heating and Cooling Rate
· Accommodate Up To 38 mm x 68 mm Sample Size
· Large Viewing Aperture
· Removable and Exchangeable Windows
· Dual Pane Windows for Better Thermal Isolation
· Variable Sample Chamber Height
· Integrated Aperture Window Defrost System
· Gas Purge Sample Chamber
· Easy Side Sample Loading with Standard Microscope Slides
· Vertical and Horizontal Mounting
· Optional Precision X-Y Micropositioner for Sample Positioning
Technical Specifications
Temperature Range
-30°C to 120°
Temperature Resolution
0.01°C with mK1000
Temperature Stability
±0.05°C at 37°C with mK1000 (better stability optional)
Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate
±0.1°C per hour
Maximum Heating Rate
+50°C per minute at 37°C
Maximum Cooling Rate
-50°C per minute at 37°C
Temperature Control Method
PID with Linear Variable DC
Temperature Control Sensor
100 Ω Platinum RTD
Minimum Objective Working Distance
3.6 mm
Minimum Condenser Working Distance
15.2 mm
Sample Area
38 mm x 68 mm
Chamber Height
2.5 mm (up to 7 mm when using optional spacers)
Sample Viewing Aperture
19 mm for reflected light
5 mm for transmitted light
X-Y Micropositioner (optional)
10 μm resolution

- Information on Temperature Controllers

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