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Custom Products

Instec prides ourselves on our ability to provide users with customized solutions to meet their specific temperature control needs. In fact, we often deliver custom products at lower cost and with shorter lead times than our competitor's standard products! Instec has unparalleled experience designing customized thermal systems, LC testing systems and LC cells for a variety of applications. Some of our past custom projects include a hot and cold plate with integrated probing station, a warm stage for live mouse operations, high vacuum and high temperature plates, ultra high uniformity hot chucks, a 432 mm hot plate for LCD evaluation and an x-ray stage with an enclosed sample area.  Just like our standard products, these custom products have the same simplicity, reliability, and durability that have become hallmarks of Instec's products.

Examples of Instec's custom products:

Puck Heating Stage: Designed as a compact heating stage for use in an small angle X-ray scatttering (SAXS) apparatus.


Temperature Gradient Plate: Designed for making electrical measurements while simultaneously applying a temperature gradient to a sample.


Thermal Incubation Chamber: Designed for incubation of biological samples, accommodating two standard (86 mm x 128 mm) well plates.



More examples 


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