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Liquid Crystal Consumables and Accessories
Various types of empty LC cells and matching cell holders are available for easy LC testing. Instec also offers Liquid Crystalline Materials in small quantities.
Empty Liquid Crystal Cells
Various types of empty LC cells are offered by Instec for easy LC testing.
  • Homogeneously aligned parallel, anti-parallel, and 90° twist cells
  • In Plane Switching (IPS) cells aligned both parallel and perpendicular to the electric field
  • Homeotropic (also known as vertically aligned) cells
  • ITO patterned cells with no alignment layer 
  • Cells without PI for blue phase liquid crystals
  • Cells with a guarding electrode to minimize parasitic capacitance
  • Custom configurations of empty LC cells are welcome - please send us a drawing for quotation 
LC Cells in stock. 
 IPS Cells - in plane switching cells                 
Liquid Crystalline Materials
Instec now offers Liquid Crystalline Materials in 5 g quantities.
Liquid Crystal Cell Holders
Instec's LC cell holders offer a convenient method of making electrical connections to LC cells.
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