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Liquid Crystal Measurement Instruments
Based on more than thirty years of research experience from Prof. Noel Clark's liquid crystal research group at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and twenty-two years of engineering and design experience at Instec Inc, Instec has developed a line of liquid crystal parameter test instruments and accessories to meet your most critical requirements.
We recommend starting with our ALCT Configuration guide. Here you will find a list of our most popular system configurations and the measurements that are included in each. If you are looking for a different combination of measurements than what is listed, an Instec sales representative will be happy to help with a custom configuration.
Further information can be found in our ALCT Hardware Specifications and ALCT Measurement Principle brochures.

System-specific information for select ALCT configurations
ALCT-PP1 Automatic Liquid Crystal Tester - A general purpose instrument for physical properties measurement. The system is capable of automatically measuring the most important parameters of both positive and negative nematic liquid crystals. These include the bend and splay elastic parameters K11 and K33, threshold voltage and dielectric constants.
ALCTE-PP1 Automatic LC Tester (Academic Version) - A low cost version of the ALCT-PP1 available only to academic customers and designed especially for them. This version of the ALCT provides many features in addition to those available to industrial customers, such as a module for the measurement of ferroelectric liquid crystal parameters and optional photodetector support.
ALCT-IV1 LC Tester for Ion Resistivity VHR RDC - An instrument designed for LC material and display manufacturers. The IV1's state of the art electronics allows for the measurement of ion density, LC resistivity, voltage holding ratio and residual DC.  
ALCT-IR1 Ion Charge & VHR Measurement for TFT LCDs - An instrument developed for industry professionals as a highly compact system for the measurement of ions and VHR on real TFT-LCD panels including IPS and FF-IPS panels. 
NNLCG1 Rotational Viscosity for Negative NLC - A system specifically designed for measuring the difficult to determine rotational viscosity of negative dielectric nematics.
PD02 C-Mount Photo Detector - When added to the ALCT, this photo detector allows for the measurement of Transmission vs. Voltage (TV) curves and optical switching times.
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