• INSTEC is the world leader in liquid crystal design and testing. Our liquid crystal test instruments and accessories are built with many decades of expertise in design and engineering​. The liquid crystal market continues to mature and expand. Liquid crystal display dimensions move to the very large, with pixel counts to accommodate new HD formats and down to the minute, as portable electronics demand both higher resolution and lower power consumption. The LC market is also diversifying in many low-volume, high margin 'niche' applications for avionics, telecommunications, and tunable lasers. The old standard TN mode display is not replaced but rather joined by AFFS, IPS, VA and Blue-Phase technologies. Competition is fierce and a competitor’s edge can depend on the quality and precise behavior of the liquid crystal material or mixtures being used. Accurate, robust, and quick measurements of liquid crystal material properties have become a necessity for research labs and production facilities around the world. Based on nearly fifty years of research experience from Professor Noel Clark's liquid crystal research group at the University of Colorado Boulder, and nearly forty years of industrial engineering, testing, and design experience, INSTEC continues to refine and develop liquid crystal testing instruments and accessories to meet your LC measurement requirements. INSTEC's automatic liquid crystal testing (ALCT) equipment allows for fast and accurate determination of the physical properties needed to predict and qualify a liquid crystal material's or LC display's performance. Our compatible liquid crystal cells, cell holders, and thermal microscopy stages allow researchers to take data collection to a new level and easily determine the temperature dependence of the measured LC characteristics. Precision temperature control is available for sample sizes from 0.5" LC cells up to 55" LCD panels. INSTEC is proud to supply the TFT-LCD industry with the necessary tools to test, advance, and control conventional and novel liquid crystal materials.
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