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Instec, Inc. was founded in 1984 by a group of pioneeringliquid crystal researchers from the University of Colorado, Boulder. These individuals developed the need for hot stages and temperature controllers for application in liquid crystal and polymer experimentation, however commercially suitable equipment was not available at that time. Thus, these innovative researchers designed and developed what was to become Instec, Inc.'s HS1-i microscope hot stage system -- a product with a sample chamber large enough for liquid crystal cells, yet accurate enough for research on materials whose properties retain critical dependence upon temperature.

Since the HS1-i, Instec has added a variety of additional hot and cold stages to our product line. We continue to modify and improve our current products and to provide customization options to those researchers with specific temperature control needs. Today, Instec products are being used widely by leading physics and chemistry laboratories worldwide, with continued dedication to researchers in liquid crystals.

The company is now located in Boulder, Colorado -- neighbor to the majestic Rocky Mountains. Instec is currently enjoying a pandemic growing period and will continue to provide the most versatile temperature controllers and hot stage equipment to researchers all over the world!

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