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Test and Measurement Instruments and Accessories for Liquid Crystal Applications
Based on more than thirty years of research experience from Prof. Noel Clark’s liquid-crystal research group at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and twenty-two years of engineering and design experience at Instec Incorporated, Instec has developed a line of liquid crystal test and measurement instruments and accessories to meet your most critical requirements. View the product brochure for liquid crystal applications.


The ALCT, automatic liquid crystal measurement systems are USB based instruments which can be connected conveniently to both desktop and laptop  computers. Depending on options, the ALCT’s easy-to-use software allows for the measurement of material parameters for both positive and negative dielectric nematic liquid crystals, and material parameters of FLC.
For NLC:
  • Ions and Resistivity
  • Dielectric Constants
  • Elastic Constants (K11 and K33)
  • Rotational Viscosity
  • VHR
  • RDC
  • Optical Switching Time
  • Optical Transmittance vs. Voltage
  • Threshold Voltage
For FLC:
  • Electrical Switching Time
  • Optical Switching Time
  • Rotational Viscosity
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Dielectric Constant
  • Spontaneous Polarization
  • Ion Density and Mobility
The ALCT can also be integrated with Instec’s microscope heating and cooling stages and temperature controllers, enabling the user to analyze the temperature dependence of the above parameters. The temperature controlled shielding box, ALCT-TP102, is also available as an optional accessory.
New instruments available in the ALCT series: Optical measurement of image sticking, K22 and Δn measurement of nematic liquid crystals.

Various types of empty LC cells are offered by Instec for easy LC testing.
  • Homogeneously aligned parallel, anti-parallel, and 90° twist cells
  • In Plane Switching (IPS) cells aligned both parallel and perpendicular to the electric field
  • Homeotropic (also known as vertically aligned) cells
  • ITO patterned cells with no alignment layer at all
  • Cells without PI for blue phase liquid crystals
Custom configurations of empty LC cells are welcome - please send us a drawing for quotation.
Instec also offers LC cell holders for many types of Instec LC cells.

Instec’s microscope hot and cold stages are designed specifically with liquid crystal applications in mind. Our hot and cold stages offer many features which are unique in the market place, such as dual heating with variable sample chamber height, large viewing aperture, and easy electrical access to the sample.
Click here for an applicaiton example using Instec's microscope hot and cold stage and microscope digital camera.

Instec’s LWDC2 long working distance condenser features 20mm Working Distance; detachable and rotatable polarizer; universal dovetail fitting compatible with most upright optical microscopes; adjustable condenser aperture Iris. The LWDC2 is ideal for thermal microscopy applications.

Instec’s C-mount microscope digital cameras are capable of temperature stamping on the captured image. Resolutions of 2 and 4 mega pixels are available.

Standard sizes range from 20mm to 300mm; custom sizes available upon request; temperature ranges from -190ºC to 600 ºC; higher temperature limit optional; ultra temperature uniformity and stability; gas tight cover available for defrosting or gas purge.

Large Size Thermal Plate for Blue Phase LC
• Sample Area: 470 mm X 370 mm
• Temperature Range: -20°C to 90°C
• Gas Tight Chamber with Large Quartz Window (480 mm X 380 mm)
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